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Constrictor Knot

November 1, 2010

At one point a clove hitch and its cousin the rolling hitch were the most prevalent knots on board Eurisko, but that was before Dave's love affair with the constrictor knot.

Start by tying a clove hitch. Take the bitter end OVER what you are tying the line around AWAY from you then to the RIGHT, UNDER and back TOWARDS you. (Photo 1)

Step 1

Next, take the bitter end OVER the part of the line already wrapped around, to the LEFT, AWAY from you. Bring the bitter end back UNDER what you are tying it to, TOWARD you. (Photo 2)

Step 2

Go UNDER the last wrap you put on with the line, angling it to the RIGHT, AWAY from you. This is a clove hitch. (Photo 3)

Step 3

After tying a clove hitch, pass the bitter end OVER, to the RIGHT of, then back UNDER and to the LEFT of the wrap you did not previously pass under to form the clove hitch. (Photo 4)

Step 4

You know it is right if the bitter end is between the two wraps. (Photo 5)

Step 5

We use constrictor knots to tie down propane tanks, water jugs, the dinghy painter to the dock, to secure chafe gear, and as wire ties. This knot will not work its way loose yet is easy to spill by jerking the bitter end back toward the standing part.

THURSDAY we will respond to a reader who wanted to know, “What do you DO off-shore?” A day in the life, off-shore, aboard Eurisko.

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