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Propane Tank Storage

November 5, 2012

Bend the aluminum around the aft rail

A reader asked us not long ago how we store our 20-pound propane tank. The answer is, usually, we don't. We carry four 6-pounders so that we don't have to find a place for a giant tank. One exception to this was when we were in STX for a work stop one year.

Hanging aluminum holder

With no vehicle, it was hard for us to get to mid-island where we could refill or six-pound tanks. But the hardware store within walking distance of the harbor had 20-pound tanks we could exchange. We went with one of those behemoths for a while. We stored it on the cockpit seat near the aft rail. Because it was steel and was just sitting on the seat, we put a hose around the bottom to keep the rust off the seat. (Propane Tank Protector)

Bend the aluminum to fit the bottom of the tanks

Normally, however, we store our 6-pounders on the aft rail. But with four of them storing them was a problem we spent many months debating before our departure from land over a decade ago. Storing propane tanks on a small boat can be a challenge.

For added security we tie the tanks to the rail

We want to keep them out of the way, yet still in a location where leaks flow overboard rather than below decks. We solved this problem by hanging our four 6-pound propane tanks from the rail. Starting with aluminum stock, we bent the top end so that the hanger conforms to the shape of the rail.

Secure, safe and out of the way

The lower end we bent at a sharper curve to clip under the lip of the propane tanks. We hang the tanks from the rail and then secure them with their lanyards, tying a constrictor knot around the rail. This keeps the tanks out of our way, securely inside the rail, but where any leaks flow immediately overboard.

Portions previously published in Sail Magazine.

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