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No Such Thing as a Bad Adventure

June 17, 2013

An adventure to be had

A few months ago we had a reader contact us with a specific question about composting toilets. After we responded he sent the following reply:

Simple sailor?

Thank you for the info. As you can see this is where I live so it will be sometime before I will be outfitting my next vessel. But when I do I hope it will be Ok to ask for your opinion again.

Traditional dress

OK, now I was hooked. I had to know, where exactly DO you live?

Northern lights

I live in a small village called Qikiqtarjuaq it is located in Nunavut. My closest neighbour is Greenland. I am also located at the start of the Northwest Passage, which I intend on sailing when the time works out. It is winter here approx. 11 months a year. You probably heard of the northern lights here a couple pictures for your enjoyment. The third picture shows traditional dress, the fur is caribou. If you and you husband ever get tired of warm sunny beaches you are always invited north.


Now, we spent a few years in North Dakota, so we're no strangers to northern lights, but never have we seen any this broad, vibrant, and reflected off water. I was astounded. I told him Dave has been teasing me about taking me to Nova Scotia for years, though that sounded tropical compared to where he was living. I also warned him about the last people who told us to "come for a visit." We ended up driving 3,000 miles and knocking on their door. But he wasn't too worried.

Polar bear claw

Well it is interesting that you say Nova Scotia. That is where I am originally from. I have been living on my boat year round in Halifax prior to moving up north. Now with regards to driving 3000 miles you must first know that there are no roads up here. Secondly it would cost you and your husband approx. (if you are coming from the Caribbean) $10,000.00 to $12,000.00 to fly here. So as you can see I think I am safe in inviting people. Here are a few more pictures to show your friends who may not have been north before. The pups are part of a new dog team. The hides are being dried the traditional way.

Polar bear hide

I thanked him for the pictures and told him I really wanted to see a polar bear, though I doubted it would ever happen. I don't even like having to wear pants.
Then I got my favorite message from him.

Polar bear drying

I realize that all the pictures you have received have been of dead bears. Well I was out today and saw a beauty please enjoy.


And finally, I recently received this email.

Traditional drying

Just a few more pictures. This is what an iceberg looks like up close. Also this picture is our sunset and sunrise all within 1/2 hour. So you get to drink sundowners and coffee at the same time.


It was then that I realized what an adventure his life is. We live a unique life that many people dream of. We try to stay in the zone of palm trees and dolphins with the occasional side trip to monkeys and sloths. But life is the adventure you make it.

A beauty

This reader is also living a life that many dream of. He sees polar bears, icebergs and northern lights so frequently that he forgets that others don't see them every day.

Don't get too close.

I'm sure he felt the same way taking the polar bear pictures that I feel when I snap a dozen dolphin shots. It's just another dolphin. Or polar bear. It's just another palm tree lined sandy beach. Or iceberg.

Sunset or sunrise?

It's just another adventure. Whatever your adventure may be, enjoy. There's no such thing as a bad one.



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