shows by example how easily you can eliminate stress, become more independent, raise your children in a safer environment (while spending more time with them, instilling values not based on the mighty dollar) and avoid the traps of commercialism. Because we live and sail simply, we have been wandering for 11 years with no intention of stopping. This is not a trip for us; it is our life, and I hope to share our success with stories of laughter and tears, as well as how-to tips and DIY projects for preparing, sailing and making a boat a home, so that others can join us.

How I Spent My Hurricane Season

October 28, 2013

Yes, I know the big H season isn't quite over yet, but I'm feeling lucky. And we're still roaming, so our "vacation" isn't over yet either. But since June, when we hauled out Walküre, here's where we've been:

Great Smokey Mountain National Park

Badlands National Park

Mt. Rushmore with the Virgin Island flag in the foreground

Crazy Horse

Devil's Tower

Grandpa's hiking buddy

Glacier National Park

Mt. Ranier

Craters of the Moon

Tetons National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Mesa Verde National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Arches National Park

I'll explain the when, where, why and how MONDAY. But for now, enjoy the photos!

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