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Water Saving Cooking Tip

March 28, 2016

I love to bake, but I hate to do dishes afterward. One of the hardest utensils to get clean while using a minimal amount of water is anything that has had oil or shortening in it. Now that we are in the land of pricy water (when you can get it) and no rain (except in squalls when we don't dare keep our water-catching awning up) we have tried to find ways to minimalize our water usage. We have a foot pump rather than pressure water, so we already regulate our usage down to the least amount necessary to do the job, and we have a saltwater faucet for rinsing dishes and boiling potatoes, eggs, and pasta, but cleaning greasy utensils still requires too many watery resources to clean. Until I accidentally discovered a trick.

Flatten the dry ingredients.

While baking a whacky cake I was following the directions to pour the oil into a well created in the dry ingredients. It was then that I realized that if I made the well the same size as the amount of oil I was supposed to add, I could save having to wash the measuring cup. I flattened out the surface of the dry ingredients and depressed the measuring cup straight down until the top was flush. When I carefully removed the measuring cup, I was left with a hole the same size as the cup. (Yes, I know, it is the same size as the OUTSIDE dimensions of the measuring cup, not the INSIDE dimensions, but come on, who measures that accurately on a rocking boat anyway?) Later I tried this same technique for measuring tablespoons of oil and even vanilla extract. The dry ingredients wipe off the back of the spoons and cups without using any water.

Use the OUTSIDE of the measuring spoon or cup.

There is probably someone sitting in a house or a boat with running hot water, rolling their eyes at me right now, thinking, "How much water could it possibly take to wash the oil out of a tablespoon?" The answer? More than it takes NOT to wash it out. And when running out of water means we HAVE to get to a marina when where we really want to be is anchored off a secluded cay fishing, swimming, and snorkeling, any drop I can save I will.

Make a depression in the dry ingredients the size of the amount of oil you need.
Have some other awesome water saving tips? Please use the Contact Us tab above to send them along. We'd love to hear your ideas.

When you're anchored here, conserving water is a must.

MONDAY we'll discuss the importance of a lee.


Connie McBride's work has been published in Good Old Boat, Sail Magazine, Small Craft Advisor, Cruising World, All at Sea, and Blue Water Sailing. As a full-time liveaboard cruiser for over 15 years, she has written several books and in her spare time, well, who has spare time?

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